Ends on November 30, 2017

We've updated our submission guidelines: 

Send a short story up to 3,500 words or up to 3 flash pieces (each of which should not exceed 1,000 words). We’re not really concerned with margins or anything like that, just make sure you choose a standard font and don’t do anything crazy with formatting unless it’s central to the experience of the piece.

We’re not going to reject your story if it has an error or two in it, but do your best to proofread your piece before sending. If it’s full of mistakes we’re more likely to give up on reading the whole way through, which is a shame for everyone.

If we do decline your story, please wait a month before resubmitting. 

If you’re sending multiple pieces, that’s fine. Submit all of your work in a single file, use clear page breaks between pieces, and clearly identify each title in the title area of Submittable (Title A/Title B/Title C).

Please double space your submission.

It’s pretty easy to tell you how to format your submissions. What’s tough is trying to convey what we want to see, what makes us say, “this!”

Both Roxane Gay and Kelly Link have talked about how a writer’s obsessions not only generate strong story ideas, but also are the source of a writer’s distinct voice.

We want to see the stories that you had to write. The ideas you keep coming back to, that won’t leave you alone. We want you to be so in love with a story that you are excited to send it to us. Please believe us when we say, we are excited to read it.

Ends on November 30, 2017
General Guidelines
  • Send up to 5 poems in a standard font.
  • Submit all of your poems in a single file
  • Make sure to check your work for errors. This is even more important with poetry. We want your work to look exactly like you mean it to look.